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NikoletaKatsakiori (PhD, B.A. Summa Cum Laude) 6972092649

Anita Jones (M.Phil, M.A. Econ, B.A. Hons) 6976303584


We also offer IELTS coaching, Online English Language Teaching at all levels and Academic Coaching in addition to helping with the preparation and application process for UK universities.


We offer our services to:
: Essays, Theses, Dissertations, term papers
Academics: PhDs, Research Papers, Journal Articles, Books, Book Chapters, Theses
Authors: Manuscripts, Books, E-books, Novels, Short Stories
Professionals: CVs, Resumes, Cover Letters, Personal Statements
Businesses: Reports, Speeches, Presentations, Blogs

Advise students on ways to enhance learning
Time management
Reading strategies
Note taking
Bibliography formation
Thesis and Dissertation framework
Test preparation
Test Taking
Help to devise plan for future success

(Undergraduate & Postgraduate)

  • IELTS Courses
  • University Selection Process (Undergraduate & Postgraduate)
  • Completion of UCAS Application
  • Completion of Application Forms for Accommodation
  • Application for Student Loans
  • Completion of Application and Reservation for IELTS exams

Here is what some of our clients have had to say about our services

In the past 15 years, we have been working with many people offering our professional services
We respect our clients
We create trusting relationships
We love what we do
The trust of our customers is our driving force!

When I decided a few years ago to study in the UK, the subject I had always dreamed of, the only issue that concerned me was my proficiency in English. Although a formal graduate, academic writing was definitely something different. I decided to contact Anita and Nikoleta and I did the right thing! Deep knowledge of the English language, transmissibility and organization are the three pillars of their teaching. Combined with the continuous support in every step of the educational process, from editing of assignments to the dissertation, the collaboration brought an excellent result.

Antonis Grimotsis

BSc(Hons) Sportsturf Science and Management, University of Central Lancashire

As an engineer I wanted to set a solid foundation for my use of English and later on to improve it for academic purposes. With them I received my B2 level certificate and moved on with IELTS level courses. Being a Greek, like me, Nikoleta helped me a lot with grammar, which made the transition from one language to another, super easy. Anita, as a native speaker, guided me through the world of English culture, accent improvement and particularly academic writing and reading techniques. They were both amazingly helpful and understood my everyday workload. As I entrusted my education to them, I highly encourage other university students, and not only, to do the same. They WON’T let you down.

Dimitrios Papadopoulos

MSc Energy Engineering, Politecniko di Milano, Italy Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management-University of Patras, Greece

I started to work with the team at FiveAct as I wanted to prepare for university in Scotland, UK. I initially went to FiveAct for IELTS and to help me with the university selection and application process. Halfway through the year I started academic coaching with them and when I arrived at university in Scotland Anita proofread my essays and projects. I have to say that my entire experience with FiveAct was excellent. The quality of work and the experience of academia in the UK which Anita brought to her job were tremendously impressive and professional. I would recommend Anita and the team of FiveAct to any student who needs help with proofreading, university selection and application process and academic coaching. They helped me fulfil my dream of studying history in the UK.

Yeorgios Alexios Raptis

BA History – UHI, Scotland, UK

I have been sending my English academic texts to Anita Jones for editing and proof reading for about 10 years. I have been very pleased with her quality of language care, but also with the consistency of Anita Jones during our collaboration. It is important that she can more than adequately edit ‘scientific’ texts (at least from the field of humanities) and make suggestions regarding the terminology and the most subtle aspects of ‘scientific’ discourse. So I consider her a very reliable choice for editing and proofreading my English texts and I will certainly continue to trust and work with her in the future.

Dr. Theocharis Raptis

Music Educator University of Ioannina – Greece UOI – Department of Pre-School Education

I was recommended to go to Anita and Nikoleta by a friend and I must say that I was so very happy with how knowledgeable, approachable and professional they were. I wanted to study law in the UK. They helped me with the application process and I studied IELTS with them both. Their level of teaching was fantastic. Nikoleta has a deep understanding of English grammar which she teaches with such clarity and Anita is an expert in teaching how to write academically. They also helped me with other academic skills, reading techniques and the Harvard system of bibliography. I completed my LL.B I decided to study a Master’s. I once again contacted Anita and Nikoleta as I needed proof reading of term papers and proof reading and editing of my final dissertation. Anita’s attention to detail in both of these things was incredible. As a former academic she quite clearly has been used to correcting her students work and seeing where an argument fails. This was invaluable to me as was my whole experience with these two teachers who I can honestly say are amazing. I would not even think twice in recommending them to other university students, and not only, in fact I have already friends who have or are using their services.

Konstantina Antonopoulou


A very friendly and warm environment with the two best professional teachers in the city, who offer the fastest and most effective English language learning! Their course was 100% understandable to me and they showed me the idiosyncrasies of the language which combined, has meant that I am fully equipped for my future use of the language in any context. It is this holistic approach which makes them stand out from other English language teachers.

Manolis Giannitselis


I studied for C2 Level in English, in one to one sessions which were fantastic as they enabled me to learn as much as possible in an environment where I was able to control the pace. Astounded with how much Ι learnt in such a short amount of time. Loved the format, the teaching method, and curriculum. Great quality educators.

Maria Fevga

Graduate of Department of Health Care and Social Units Administration

After 10 years of not having been in contact with the English language, Nikoleta and Anita were the perfect people to start with again. Their professionalism combined with their years of experience, as well as their care and attention to detail, are elements that compose the profile of the right teacher. This is especially true when all these things are accompanied by the familiar and accessible environment, which they offer. Given the short period of seven (7) months, in which I had to take C2 Level English, their daily patience and perseverance were a key factor in achieving my goal. I should note that due to the nature of my profession, they devoted a lot of time to my difficulties with English legal terminology. In summary, excellent people, great professionals!

Maria Karra


My acquaintance with Nikoleta and Anita was the occasion for me to love the English language and to recognize the great importance it has in my life. Their incredible knowledge of it and the way that they are able to transmit this knowledge was what I needed to achieve my goals. Thanks to their characters and their respect and love for teenagers and their job has resulted in us still maintaining a very beautiful relationship.

Nektarios Siontis

Graphic Designer

I have trusted FiveAct to consult me and prepare me for the Postgraduate program (Master) in British Universities. I am very thankful for their research and professionalism in order to investigate the best master programs in the United Kingdom, based on my Bachelor studies and qualifications/skills. was selected by all universities that we had applied to and this is the biggest success because I had the option to choose which program I will participate in. I highly recommend FiveAct for their commitment, results, ethics and working experience. Collaborating with the team of FiveAct was the best thing to do in order to understand what postgraduate program I wanted to follow and mostly for all my university applications to be accepted.

Peri Adam

Business Development Manager, Southeastern Europe

I collaborated with Dr. Nikoleta Katsakiori and Dr. Anita Jones to prepare my application for postgraduate studies in England. Through this successful collaboration I was accepted to both Queen Mary University and SOAS. Their correct and valid guidance led to successful outcomes of my applications and admission to these universities. Undoubtedly, they have specialized knowledge and experience about the UK education systems and lifestyle in general. I not only undertook IELTS English but got academic coaching in essay writing, reading, note taking and compiling a recognized bibliography. In my opinion they are the best choice and investment for both English and for the preparation of applications for pre and postgraduate studies in Great Britain. Professionalism, responsibility and positive results are just a few words about what distinguishes them.

Asimina Katsouda

GAEA Company – Export Department

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