Eleni Skandalou

Eleni Skandalou
E-mail: eleniskandalou@fiveact.com.gr
Brief info

You can contact Eleni Skandalou on her E-SHOP and on FACEBOOK.

Short Bio

Eleni Skandalou is a Surveyor Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens.

She specializes in the following areas:
a) Regional-urban planning and development where emphasis is placed on issues of regeneration and organization of urban and suburban space
b) Transport techniques, where emphasis is placed on the study of transport infrastructure and their functional utilization.

Attendance of seminars in areas of:

• Legalization of unlawful properties
• Real Estate Lab- Purchase – Legislation – Valuation – Trading
• Static interventions with the use of Metal Stems in Existing Buildings
• Cost estimation and preparation of bids for construction work on buildings
• Energy Inspection of Shell Buildings and E / M Systems.

For years she has also been involved in the marketing and trading of clothing. She also holds a diploma as a modéliste (designer).

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